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Updated: Feb 4

MiTale Oy has been hard at work to make a complete playable demo experience of our upcoming title Willow Guard during Steam Next Fest between February 5 – 12. Take on the role of a Willowguard, defeat swarms of monsters in dungeons rendered in gorgeous pixel graphics, and embark on a truly story-driven interactive fiction narrative between fights, full of lush, hand-drawn backgrounds and anthropomorphic animal characters!

The demo promises several hours of gameplay, introducing the first chapter of the game in nearly its entirety. You have been sent by the Willow Grove in Regnum Polis to explore the monster-infested woods around Woikos and try to track down the source of the infestation before time runs out.

About the game

Willow Guard mixes hard-core Action RPG experience where death comes swiftly with exploratory, free-form narrative where your choices directly influence what will happen next. As a Willowguard, your job is to track down the source and cause of the monster attack on Woikos, which you will do by speaking to the local residents, delving into ancient ruins, and putting together the clues that will eventually let you unlock your ultimate destination.

To help you in your fight you will be able to find and craft countless different cards and build a deck unique to you, using materials and resources scavenged from your dungeon runs. You can also scour the dungeons to find new pieces of equipment, some of which imbued with unique abilities, and upgrade them at the blacksmith to improve your stats.

As you play, you will uncover the secrets of why the Gods left Tersa, the true source of the monsters plaguing the land, and the motivations of the mysterious visitor in your dreams…


·         20+ levels of hard-core pixel dungeon combat.

·         40 000+ words of narrative.

·         25+ beautiful drawn backgrounds.

·         30+ cards to craft, discover and customize your deck with

·         4+ hours of content to enjoy in the demo alone.

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